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IT Security


As the system integrator in the surveillance and security industry, our engineers and staff bring varied technical backgrounds in multiple disciplines with an understanding of how to make these disciplines work together toward a fully integrated, functional, and effective system.

As a comprehensive system design center, we provide innovative security solutions tailored to specific needs and requirements for your prison’s safe and secure operation.

When our security system is implemented in prisons, lives are protected, violence averted or minimized, illegal activities and contraband intercepted, and personnel monitored to avoid and mitigate antagonistic staff-inmate conditions.

With the level of close, 24-hour monitoring we provide, potential risks can be identified, managed, and circumvented before problems escalate; it’s proven that when individuals know they are being closely watched via camera monitoring and are aware of perimeter control measures, they are less likely to commit offenses, break rules, and violate policies and procedures.

To maintain a safe facility, it’s also essential that rules and regulations be followed and not applied by guards or other personnel arbitrarily. With a secure monitoring system, not only are inmates better monitored, but staff can better be held accountable for their actions.

With our  innovative, highly intuitive industrial security systems, inappropriate, unproductive, and dangerous incidents can be deterred and avoided.

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