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What we do :

  • Analyze and understand existing business process or software.

  • Document the state of ERP configuration.

  • Assist technical teams with change management and technical skills.

  • Write design specifications and estimates for programs, based on requirements.

  • Participate in decision-making to optimize and improve technology management.

The benefit using ERP are :

  • Improved business insight from real-time information generated by reports

  • Lower operational costs through streamlined business processes and best practices

  • Enhanced collaboration from users sharing data in contractsrequisitions, and purchase orders

  • Improved efficiency through a common user experience across many business functions and well-defined business processes

  • Consistent infrastructure from the back office to the front office, with all business activities having the same look and feel

  • Higher user-adoption rates from a common user experience and design

  • Reduced risk through improved data integrity and financial controls

  • Lower management and operational costs through uniform and integrated systems

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