CyberLab &

Digital Forensic

We not only help you set up a cyber-forensic lab, but offer you with the best grade of our hardware, software, services, data transmission accessories, and forensically beneficial devices for a specialized digital forensics. These essential components add up to your experience towards forensic investigation of digital data evidence available in the forms of hard disks, flash drives, RAM, circuits, or even cloud storage. While most of the equipments we supply are to help in evidence analysis, others offer preservation and prevention of evidence tampering.

  • Establishment of Cyber lab/Computer forensics lab

  • Tailor made training program on computer forensics, mobile forensics and Data analysis

  • Onsite search and acquisition of digital evidence

  • Digital Crime Scene Response

  • Data mining Solution

  • Cyber Lab Integration

  • Computer forensics including analysis and reporting

  • Data recovery of digital media

  • Email Investigations

Some of the basic yet highly essential equipments that we offer while setting up your cyber-forensics lab have been listed below:

  • Hardware Devices

  • Software Applications

  • Evidence Collection Accessories

  • Evidence Preservation Devices

  • Digital Data Investigation Kits

  • Other hardware Assemblage Tools

  • The Data Transmission Cables / Connectors